I’m most grateful to the contributors of the following testimonials all of whom wrote these without being asked.

“Whether you’re interested in franchising, or thinking of writing a book or just an e-booklet, there is no-one I can recommend more highly than Carl French.
His knowledge and experience are invaluable, but Carl is always ready to go the extra mile to provide you with helpful, sound advice and support.
He is one of a very small number of absolutely must ‘go to’ advisors I’ve met over the last 30 years in business.
Fabulous sense of humour too!”

Andrew Wilks, Managing Director, Parker Wilks Solutions

“If you are interested the potential of franchising your business. Where do you even begin? Carl is where I would start. Friendly professional well connected. If you are looking for advice on the future of your business then I highly recommend.”

John King, Regional Manager, SME Invoice Finance

“I have been working with Carl for several years now and highly respect his business knowledge and extremely positive attitude. His contribution to developing my business and preparing it for franchising has been invaluable.”

Eric Chorley, MD GuardHome Ltd

“Carl is always a pleasure to work with, friendly, efficient, helpful, knows what he is doing.”

Cathy O’Dowd, Mountaneer & International Speaker

“Carl is probably the best equipped man to give advice of all the consultants that I know. His advice and knowledge is born of experience rather than theory, and ALWAYS delivers results.

His understanding of seemingly all disciplines never fails to amaze me. Carl is a man you definitely need on your side, both in business and in a quiz night! I am lucky to count Carl amongst my associates, and since working with him, my friends.”

Adam Gray, Social Media Expert

“Carl is an excellent and interesting speaker with a wealth of knowledge to get across to his audience, which he does in a entertaining way. In addition, his expertise on replicating know-how for commercial benefit is invaluable to organisations that are looking to grow or expand by this route. If this is a possibility for your organisation, make contact with Carl straight away.”

Ian Coates, Pure Ideas Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

Mini-Case Study

One franchisor sought my help because his franchisees just didn`t seem to be able to understand his methods and apply them. He was very clear about what was needed so it was very frustrating for him. After completely redesigning the training the franchisees not only did things the franchisors way there was a 60% increase in revenue.