My main competitor is this guy.

The Grim Reaper

Replicate your know-how before he gets to you

Yes it’s The Grim Reaper.

You see I want to get to people with unique expertise before he does.

…and that’s a lot of people – just about everyone in fact and possibly you!

No I don’t want to take people out!

I want to take know-how out of people’s heads and turn it into replicable products.

That’s what replicology is about.


Why do I want to do that?

The short answer is that while people's expertise is locked inside their heads access to it is restricted, the value generated from it is limited and it is not in a form that can create a legacy. It's a personal human tragedy when we lose people but it's a loss to us all when their expertise is lost for ever! But let's not be glum. This is beat the grim reaper time and people are amazing when they tell you about what they can do!

So what is replicology?

Replicology is all about how individual's expertise and skills can be effectively transferred from one person to another. Replicology (or strictly speaking know-how replicology) involves these three things.
  • Know-how capture
  • Productising
  • Know-how transfer
The emphasis of know-how replicology is on alternatives to conventional teaching and learning methods because it is focused on know-how. Know-how, as opposed to pure knowledge, may be defined as the ability to apply expertise and skills to carry out a particular type of physical or mental activity. Know-how replicology is the study of how to replicate know-how. Commercial forms of replicology such as licensing and franchising can be found at On this web site and it's blog in particular  I'm sharing ideas and methods about replicology.