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Franchise or License Your Services - The BasicsFranchise or License Your Services - The Basics
Price: £2000.00
Shipping Cost: £n/a
This on-line workshop serves as an introduction to what you have to do to franchise or license your services. It helps you understand what is involved and to decide whether or not to go ahead, including the identification of which services to work on. It takes you through a step by step development of a series of things that you need to build your licensing scheme of franchise. Lastly, it provides you with a basic road map or plan if you want to undertake the work yourself.
Consultancy - in licencing, franchising or authoringConsultancy - in licencing, franchising or authoring
Price: £1000.00
Shipping Cost: £n/a
Specialist business advice for a day - typically on specific aspects of licensing and franchising but also on other aspects of business growth through replication
Mentoring - showing the way to achieve goalsMentoring - showing the way to achieve goals
Price: £200.00
Shipping Cost: £n/a
A single mentoring session with follow up. Typically one session per month for a mimum of three months.
Coaching - helping you to fly higherCoaching - helping you to fly higher
Price: £500.00
Shipping Cost: £n/a
A coaching session to enable the client to improve performance in a specific area of licensing or franchising.
Blueprint - for licencing or franchisingBlueprint - for licencing or franchising
Price: £from 2,500
Shipping Cost: £n/a
An analysis and planning exercise to determine how to licence services or products or how to franchise a business