Know-how acquisition is probably the most useful kind of learning and is often the most enjoyable. We mostly love becoming able to do something we couldn’t do before.

I have a professional interest in know-how acquisition. I enjoy designing training methods that actually work and often work with franchisors to design training programmes.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of training courses are badly designed because they tend to copy the passive desk-bound methods used in schools and colleges that most of us know from personal experience don’t work that well.

Under this menu you’ll see an introduction to RAFT – an approach to learning that really does work.

Mini-Case Study

One franchisor sought my help because his franchisees just didn`t seem to be able to understand his methods and apply them. He was very clear about what was needed so it was very frustrating for him. After completely redesigning the training the franchisees not only did things the franchisors way there was a 60% increase in revenue.