The WD40 Rule

Business Improvement Techniques

Advice I once received from a very successful business owner.

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There there it’s their their

Education learning Learning problems Learning tools

When I was at junior school I had a teacher (Mr Leamon) who got rather annoyed if we mixed up our spelling of “there” and “their”. When one of us got it wrong he would stand over the offender and say in a slightly menacing way, “There is, there are, there was, there were, T [...]

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  • Self-publishing what, why, how?
    Self-publishing is the publication of a book by the author without the involvement of a conventional publisher. The author has full control and responsibility but also carries all the costs and all the risks. Conventional publishers typically only publish books that they are confident will be commercially successful. It means that many books with real […]

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  • Think like a Franchise
    Most people know that many of the most successful businesses are franchises but don’t always stop to think why? Apart for the obvious fact that franchise are built for growth because they are intended to keep on adding more outlets there are less obvious reasons such as…. They develop highly efficient streamlined processes. The standardise […]