Carl French
Publisher, Consultant, Author and Speaker

Can I help you?

Too much TV?

Could you cut down on the amount of TV you watch and use some of that time to write a book or booklet? As a published author you will increase your reputation and credibility – and gain lots of other benefits too. With just a few extra hours each week you could have a book written in weeks. If you can write and are self-motivated then the 6 stage process from start to finish that I offer at will work for you. You do the writing and we do the rest – format, publish, promote etc.

I can help

I can help you because I am a best-selling author a number of times and have already helped lots of other people to become successful authors. I’ve been on both sides of the publishing business: as author and as an editor and publisher.

A start

But that’s really just the start of what I can offer you because you can exploited your expertise further through licensing and even franchising.

For success

If you stop to think about it you’ll already know that successful franchises do lots of things well out of necessity that most businesses can gain from doing by choice. Things like…

  • Designing and operating smart and efficient processes.
  • Training people effectively so they do the job as intended and to a consistent standard.
  • Standardising and productising services – which gains and retains customers.
  • Operating repeatedly successful and predictable marketing and sales activities.
  • Covering large territories at home and abroad efficiently and cost effectively.


Through Replico Ltd, I help you to apply these techniques to your business. You will see almost immediate results. In time you may develop a licensing scheme or full franchise but even if you don’t go that far the benefits to your business will be large and repeatable.


All of this boils down to replicating your expertise and leveraging it for business growth and prosperity. So why not turn off the TV and contact me to get started? Who knows, you might end up on TV being watched by someone who didn’t.